Friday, 6 August 2010


Thanks for all your kind words about my sister. She's really doing well, coming out of hospital today but the doctors have told her she can't travel back until next week. So although they have had to make the decision to cancel the ceilidh (kay-lee!) for this Saturday, they've decided to make it a postponement rather than a cancellation. And she'll definitely be back for my wedding! So not perfect but things seem to be working out. She has been extremely well looked after in Dresden which my Mum and I are so grateful for. So far as the singing goes, as I'm a singer I have loads of friends who're also professional singers coming along to the big day, and I've asked my friend Richard to sing instead of Trina. I'm pleased to have a tenor singing rather than another soprano as it'll be a totally different sound, even within the same song. So, like I said, everything seems to be working out! 8 days to go and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm getting my hair cut and dyed today and then (you'll be pleased to know!) I'm going to go dress shopping. 

And then onto the jewellery...I'm imagining I'll get something lovely somewhere along the blue to green spectrum so I thought I'd share a couple of green pieces of jewellery I've made recently. 

This necklace just arrived in the post yesterday, back from Beads and Beyond and goes with the earrings from this post. It features lampwork beads by Clare Scott, ribbon from Sowzere and semi-precious stones from one of my favourite shops, Precious Sparkle Beads.  

The bracelet features a Green Girl Studios pewter clasp and a few super sweet lampwork beads by Mika of Pinocean. The Amethyst and Aquamarine stones are again from Precious Sparkle Beads and the bead caps (I love these!) are from Palmer Metals. They are so pretty, I use them all the time. 

Hope you like my new-ish pieces! Have a great weekend. 


Regina said...

Glad to hear your sister's doing better and all else is going well. Beautiful jewelry, I will check out some of your store links, thank you. Would love to see the dress you pick, love the colors on the jewelry. Have a wonderful day shopping.

LUCY said...

Bellisimo, muy elegante....

Eve Smith said...

So glad to here your sister is on the ment. Is the wedding back here in Edinburgh or down in Manchester? Hope all goes well and i bet it will be brill day.x

Pretty Things said...

Continued hope for your sister -- and your jewelry is lovely as always!

Cindy said...

I'm glad you gave us an update about your sister...I had been wondering about her. I'm glad to hear she's going home and that the performance is rescheduled rather than cancelled! Wow, just 8 days to go til your big day!!! Best of luck dress shopping!
Your new pieces are stunning. The necklace is light and airy, and oh so feminine. I just bought this issue of B&B today and can't wait to look through it! I was so glad I found it here, as sometimes it's hard to come by!

Mellisa said...

Lovely pieces! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding :)


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