Sunday, 10 October 2010

Folksy, em, Sunday!

I've missed SOOOO many Folksy Fridays, I thought that even though it's Sunday, I might as well get started again! This time the theme is.....

.....RED LIPSTICK. Or should I perhaps say Lipstick Red? Must have been the wedding photo that put the thought into my head!

These are all fab as far as I am concerned but I especially love the Sweetheart wall plaque - I love embroidery! My Grandma Anderson was a really keen embroiderer and I always wish I had learnt more from her when I was young and her eyesight still worked enough for her to sew; it's such a wonderful skill. Enjoy these reds!


Cindy said...

Thanks for sharing your finds with us. I especially love the red leather pouch!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Cindy! It's a very cute bag isn't it? In fact, all of the stuff in Bespoke Leather is gorgeous! 


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