Friday, 28 January 2011

Bead table...Friday

I don't seem very good at doing things on the days that I am supposed to! Here's my travelling bead table or tray (very tiny as I am naturally a clutter bug and very messy and this is my attempt to at least keep the mess contained!) and what was on it this morning. I think it has a very gentle, faded vintage feel to it. Pretty. Vintage lace ribbon, some pale blue clay birds from Sandra Lee, a semi-commission bracelet using silk cord and Sarah Downton lampwork beads, some tiny clay beads from Gaea, Hope and bird pendants from Barbara over at Floridity, a gorgeous lampwork egg from Ellen over at Starcatcher beads on etsy and various strands of and loose beads, mainly gems from my favourite bead shop, precioussparklebeads. Oh, and my Lorelei/Fusion beads challenge bracelet. Love checking out everyone elses bead tables! They all look very neat and tidy compared to my messy pile...surely you can't all be super neat and organised??!

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TesoriTrovati said...

I totally missed the chance to do this this week. I need a personal genie to remind me to do this on Tuesdays. I always feel like a slacker on Wednesdays when I see all the great things presented, messy or not. And for the record... my bead table looks a lot like yours! ;-)
Enjoy the day.

My Life Under the Bus said...

haha ....well I get to use my dining room table during the winter....but if you could see my frozen sun room/ craft room you'd probably cough up a hairball! LOL


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