Friday 14 January 2011


I'm really feeling the impact of going back to college and work all at once this week...I don't know if anyone else is the same but I can totally tell when I'm 'run down' tired, not just 'I've had a late night' tired. My mind starts getting a bit paranoid and I start worrying about every tiny wee thing. I can tell I'm doing it but that doesn't mean I can stop it! I also have full work days both tomorrow and Sunday and then of course my week is always full...I've a feeling something has to give; I can't continue with these mega-long days and still be well at the end of the month! I've been getting really bad headaches, bordering on migraines, which I'm pretty sure is a post-viral thing as I've had them before. 

Another thing that tells me I'm run down is that I just can't make anything. I sit with a load of beads and wire, and cart them around with me in the hope of snatching an hour somewhere in the day to sit down quietly with a cup of tea in the college refectory and make something....I can't quite explain this to folk who don't make things but you guys understand, right?? Nothing more frustrating than sitting down with some beads and not having the mental or creative energy to make a thing. Like tonight - I was scheduled to have a rehearsal 5-7 but my eyes were watering with a headache and I just knew I had to go home. My head cleared up by 8 and I sat in my bed, a bag of fabulous stash in front of me, and nothing frustrating. Somehow it feels like a waste! Does anyone else experience this too? What a whiny pain in the bum you must all be thinking, if you've made it this far in the post!!

The upshot of this is that I have no new photos to share...and as I've said before, a blog post just isn't a blog post without a photo! So I will share something from last month's creative spree with you.

Wee Hootie

Featuring a gorgeous owl bead from Barbara of Floridity and Second Surf and golden rutilated quartz. I keep saying how I don't generally like polymer and then keep finding big Barbara. I just adore her beads, especially her lovely bird beads. The owls are extra especially cute; I ordered some more as I sold this bracelet just before Christmas and they arrived a couple of days ago. Very exciting package to open! I should take some photos of them really - 4 little owls, 4 tiny pendants and a little coral birdie that Barbara snuck in. I love them - thank you Barbara! If you haven't visited her lovely shop or blog, I suggest you do, posthaste!

Well, hopefully you guys are all in a better creative and mental state than me - hope you all have great weekends ahead of you! x x x


DVArtist said...

Hey I don't have college or an out-of-the-house job. I do however, share my body with lupus and the fatigue, mentally and physically gets to a point that I can not do a thing. I am not on pharmaceuticals for the lupus none of them really work for me, my health comes from a regime of herbs and minerals, all immune building. It sounds like that is what you need. With your heavy load you need something to keep your mind and body regenerating. If you email me I can suggest a few things for you.
In the meat time get some rest and don't worry about creating.
It will come

Cathryn said...

Sometimes, just having too much on your plate can cause creative blocks. I learned last semester when I was teaching an overload of classes that I had literally no time for anything that wasn't "necessary." I'm not implying that beading and crafting is not necessary--because for many of us--it's our lifesblood. However, when your plate is overflowing, the "unnecessary" items are purged until there is rest, rejuvenation, and passion is rekindled.

Take care of yourself--often times working and going to school means sacrificing---just don't let it be your health.

Niina said...

Take care of yourself now and don´t worry about your creating... summer is coming and sunlihgt. Try to rest now, hugs :D

steufel said...

Not so much creativity here either. I've caught a cold and hanging around here with my antibiotics. Hate it. Hope you feel better soon!

Barbara Bechtel said...

Rebecca, it is important to be gentle with yourself and your creative spirit. The ideas and time will come on their own when your mind is rested and in the right place to make the magic happen.

I'm proud to be an exception to your polymer clay rule. I used to say the same thing about polymer clay but there are so many fabulous things being done with it now by so many polymer artists!

Thanks for sharing the lovely bracelet you created with my owl. He looks quite at home with that gorgeous quartz!

My Life Under the Bus said...

I thinks it's January in general - I am also having a wicked time. For the Fusion beads challenge I made and remade the necklace about 5 times and I'm still not happy with it - but I made myself stop. Like you I was not so crazy about polymer ...... then I found Floridity and Humble Beads *LOVE* - what was I thinking??? LOL Feel better and take a nice coffe break and just BREATHE!


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