Saturday 10 September 2011

Not I Heart Macro today, but a video I made of a stunning view on a stunning day on the Isle of Skye the week before last.

Pretty awesome. 


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this. My husband is Charles Colin MacKinnon. He was born in Los Angeles, but his ancestors were from the Isle of Skye.

Malin de Koning said...

Thanks Rebecca! So nice to see. Such a Scottish atmosphere. I remember travelling in Scotland by car with my family when I was 10 I think. I don't know if we went to Isle of Skye, but I remember Ullapool. Different kind of place of course since it is more of a little town. I remember how the boats were resting on the sea floor when the tide was low. The water went so far away you could actually not see it when it was at its lowest. I remember enjoying walking around there on the harbour floor picking shells and mussles. And then in the morning the water was all the way up to the edge of the quay again. So odd to a Swede living on the Baltic Sea coast. No tides here. Driving by car through the Scottish landscape is also something I have vivid memories of. Very beautiful!

Me and Mark have been watching all the episodes of "The Trip" over the last few days. (Great show!!!) That also brings back memories from my travels to England and Scotland as a child. Nowadays when I go there it is all different of course. Coz we are focusing on visiting family and friends basically.

Please share more of this kind Rebecca. I shall make sure to do that myself also. It is amazing how interesting it is to view how things look at other places in the world.

All my best!

Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

Fabulous! And even better, you're back in this months Beads and Beyond, yay!
Deb x

My Life Under the Bus said...

It looks like something from a movie - amazing!

Heidi Post said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I will get over there some day (and by over there, I mean the UK in general), but now I have a new destination to add to the list of places I'd like to visit :)


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