Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Hard Day's Beading

This is what you get/need/deserve at the end of a hard day's beading, right?! Today was meant to be a school day, but my voice is still recovering from the flu, and aches after even an hour of teaching singing, so I decided to be sensible and call in sick. But it's not been a wasted day - I've completed my April project for Beads and Beyond. Here's a sneak peek....

I'm on my mobile so hopefully the photos will pop up in this post in a way that makes sense with the words.....! I've used some gorgeous art beads, as usual, but you'll have to wait til the issue's out to see who they are from ;-)

Until then, here's a quick picture of the current Beads and Beyond project.

Featuring Kylie Parry ceramics and Elise Canning polymer clay. I'm particularly pleased with this project, really love the hot pinks and Kylie's amazing peony pendant!

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Heidi said...

Ooooh, congrats on your piece in B&B - it's gorgeous! I hope your voice returns soon. 'Til then, enjoy the wine :)

Jo said...

I do love your project this month - such a romantic piece! I hope you're wrapped up warm and feel a lot better very soon.

Penny said...

Lovely spread, the Peony pendant is beautiful. They used to be one of my favorite flowers to pick for my teachers on the way to school. Yes I used to be a flower nabber!! I hope you are feeling better soon!!

Kylie Parry Studios said...

So very pretty!! Congrats on the awesome feature!
Thanks for sharing :)


Mary Ann said...

Congratulations...a very lovely feature:)


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