Saturday, 21 January 2012

New Bracelets and Bunny Battles

Today was a coooold day in Manchester, as some of you may have seen from my Facebook page! I must have been snapping pictures outside on our tiny balcony (it's more like a fire escape, just one you can't escape from!) for about 20 minutes but they were a long and chilly 20 minutes, despite the layers and woollen cuffs I had on! After 20 minutes, my hands were pretty much entirely numb and the photos were starting to get fuzzy, so I had to call it a day. I don't think the incredibly strong winds helped the cameras stability either! Hopefully tomorrow will include a calm spot or two and I can have another go. Pay cheque at the end of this month is going to include splashing out on a couple of lights so I can get a photo set up indoors. The weather in the UK, and particularly in soggy Manchester, is simply not reliable enough. Too cold, wet and worst of all, dark, for so much of the year. I have really waited long enough to get my ass in gear and sort out my photos so February it is!

Anyway, here are some of the photos that I DID succeed in taking. Some better than others, but you will understand why [see above paragraph!]. Amongst other things, I've been working at a few variations of my Gardenia bracelet in various different colours and styles - still all OOAK, but the original bracelet was my starting point. They'll be popping up in my Etsy shop over the next few days but if you'd like one before they are loaded, just leave a comment or shoot me an email :-)

Czech rosebud beads, hand knotted on hemp cord with a Round Rabbit focal that I have turned into a clasp with a twig toggle (£26).

Green Girl Studios pewter fish, Mamacita Beadworks bubble charm, MissFickleMedia verdigris seahorse charm, Pinocean baby lampwork bead, Czech glass, agate, jade and Bali style silver plated brass clasp (£30). 

The starting point with this one was the gorgeous pewter fishie - I saw him swimming along a watery, aqua river of glass and metal. The clasp, although silver plated, is of wonderful quality; I picked it up at Yashma Creations and I will certainly be back for more.  

Daisy Chain Extra copper clasp, Mamacita Beadworks handcast pewter rose charm (oh, how I love this little charm!, Czech glass (£28).

This one hasn't quite turned out in a way that I am happy with, photography-wise. The selection of flowers are, whilst still delicate, a lot more varied in colour, and less washed out that they appear here. This is in fact my favourite (I think!) of all the pieces I have made in the past week or so, I'm  disappointed that the photos don't quite reflect it to my liking.

Green Girl Studios baby owl handcast pewter bead, Daisy Chain Extra lovebird copper clasp, earthenware and porcelain beads from Gaea and ChelleV2 (£30).

Jade rounds from a Cup of Bead Soup swap with Jenny (thanks Jenny!), handmade copper clasp from (you guessed it...) Daisy Chain Extra, hand forged copper link Metamorph Supplies, Czech glass flowers (£26).

Handmade sterling clasp from Daisy Chain Extra (Jo's signature daisy), hand forged copper link from Metamorph Supplies, Czech glass, waxed linen cord (£32).

The Czech glass beads in this one are amazing, they have the most beautiful frosted finish. I had the idea of flowers, peeping through the frost over the coming months, when making this one. They are also from Yashma Creations - she has them in a few colours right now, but her bead stock changes often. That's actually one of the things I love about buying from little shops on Etsy - the ever-changing stock, the small batches - even in factory made glass such as the Czech beads I am so in love with, you can never be sure you'll find quite the same beds when you next return.

In other news, Rufus and Lily are not quite best buddies as yet....tonight involved the new girl nipping poor old Mr P (as we affectionately call him, Rufus Pufus, Pootles, Mr P....yes, we are very sad!!) on the nose, to the point of drawing blood! Dearie me. He's fairly nervy now and I don't blame him. Try again tomorrow evening. However, he's been hopping around much more and the interest of there being a new bunny in the room, even penned up, has definitely perked him up, which is great. He's been very depressed since Maisie's death. As have we all. A new cheeky face is a good thing for all of us. Give them a bit of time, and I am sure Lily and Rufus will become friends. Let's hope so anyway!

Hope you are all having a great weekend and there are no animal brawls going on in your neck of the woods :-)


My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh poor fellow - she's playing hard to get! Hopefully a few days will give him an advantage! These are all AMAZING love those clasps you've found!

Cillaw said...

Absolutely Gorgeous Bracelets!

Mary Ann Tate said...

I love all of your braclets....:)

Jo said...

Aah, poor Rufus! I hope they become good friends very soon.
I love your bracelets. And it's so amazing seeing my clasps in your beautiful work! The last one is my favourite - I love the combination of the purple linen with the silver daisy.


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