Friday 7 September 2012

and the nights are drawing in....

September is closing in, the days are getting a little shorter....people are posting pictures of Christmas chocolate for sale in the supermarkets....! So many people write that Autumn, or Fall, is their favourite season.....for me, it means back to (school) work, cold, rainy weather and is generally a wee bit depressing. 

We haven't had as much summer as I would have liked here in Manchester, I'm hoping for perhaps a warm September before the rains begin. In case you don't know, Manchester is known for it's RAIN. 

I'm a cheery soul am I not?! As someone who went straight from school to  university to college to working in various schools, I've never got over thinking of my life in terms of the school term calendar. And as I hope that the next 10 years of my life will bring children of my own, I am guessing that isn't about to change any time soon! 

Grateful as I am for my break from the school teaching side of my work during the holidays, I never enjoy the 'back to school' feeling that inevitably accompanies this. Ah well. 

Perhaps one day I will sit and design jewellery somewhere sunny by the sea and my school teaching days will be over....we can but dream! 

I always have great plans for the summer 'holidays' - how I will get a great daily routine going including swimming, yoga, jewellery designing and making, photographing and listing; reading, learning a language....needless to say, this has never actually happened, not during any summer that I have lived through! 

But this week I'm aware is my last week with just that extra wee bit of 'free' time, and I have been working away like a demon - photographing, editing and listing; setting up my shops for the months ahead when time and light are precious. 

I've given myself an arbitrary target of filling both of my shops with 50 items each, and looking through my inventory on Tuesday, I realised there was no making that needed to happen in order to achieve this, just getting the pieces actually listed. 

I'm getting there, with over forty in my etsy shop and almost thirty in folksyAll of my bracelets are up, most of my earrings (although I've got a bunch more destined for folksy), just the necklaces left to photograph now.  

Please, let Sunday be bright and warm but with clouds for some of it to allow me to photograph! Natural light is surely the way to go when there is that choice. I've dotted this post (as you can see) with some of the pieces I've listed over the past few days. 

I am really enjoying my new cracked white cabinet background. The colours work so much more happily and easily when editing. I don't think I could ever go for just a plain white background - even though it's subtle, the cracks and chips are important to me for character and atmosphere. 

I'm sure I'll return to my favourite beer garden tables also! But my new set up makes me happy in so many ways - the ease with which I can transport it around is a bonus as well.

I'll hopefully be continuing to update both shops on a daily basis until early next week, so do watch this space, or check out my facebook page for new arrivals, as I cling on to my last few days of freedom the summer.

This seems an appropriate piece to finish with to my mind - flying south, exactly what I'd like to be doing for the chilly months ahead!
 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Grubbi said...

I know what you mean about the weather, I'm from Liverpool, so pretty close to you in terms of the "beading community". Luckily for me though, I love the dark nights and kids back at school...also a huge fan of the rain! Beautiful jewellery may I add, very summery, can see where your heart lays :)

KJ said...

Love those top pieces with all the blues- what a great color and it would work wonderfully in winter.

Jenni said...

You are indeed prolific at making and posting these days! Now I know why... All those long school holidays! There is a lot to be said for them! Love those sweet enameled blue birds and all those lovely turquoise beads. You have a gorgeous style that is really identifiable to me now. We are in Spring now but have had nothing but rain...... Where are those mild balmy days??

Linda - said...

I loved reading your post so much and seeing your lovely jewellery. I admire your sourcing abilities to find such lovely beads and components.

It nice to see a blog from the UK, I'm from the Isle of Wight so quite a way from you.

scotknit said...

So many favourites here. Some fabulous beads in such imaginative juxtapositions.
Aye, the nights are fair drawing in and I find I have to make sure I get all the colours right in daylight.
These pieces will all be brimming with summer memories for whichever lucky people get to own them.

lynsey said...

Oh God Rebecca, don't even get me started on the weather this year.
I know Manchester is one of the wettest citys in Britain, and so is Plymouth where I live, although I have to say we're having a rather nice week this week.

I'm back to College and the 2nd year of my Degree in two weeks, I'm looking forward to it, although I can imagine it must be a completely different feeling when you're a teacher, maybe I'll get to find out one day, teaching is what I'd like to do.

Malin de Koning said...

So many beautiful new pieces Rebecca!

The ATELIER Handmade said...

I enjoyed reading your post, your pieces are truly beautiful!
I understand you, for some reason weather has a big influence in my soul. I grew up un South America, where there are not "seasons", the weather was always like an "eternal fall" cold and windy in the morning and night. While hot and sunny at noon. Always dark at 6:30pm.
Where I live now the weather is kind during the cold months but scorching hot in summer.
Hello from Sunny Atlanta:)

Christina Perraki said...

Beautiful, colorful, happy jewelry!!!

Erika said...

Great pieces & I love the colors you have chosen especially orange & blue,they look great together. Do you make the lamp worked beads yourself or do you buy them?

Rebecca said...

Erika, I have bought the lampwork beads from various different artists all over the world. I would love to make my own art beads one day, but I love mixing different artists together - it creates such an eclectic, colourful, mixture, I will never stop working with beads from different sources!

The Infamous sunRay said...

These are absolutely stunning! The colors here are so joyful and the combinations ring with energy in the heart. Well done!

Giorgia Rossini said...

I love them all!!

Heidi Post said...

Guess I missed this post during my birthday weekend - so much eye candy here! I love all of it, esp: eclectic dreams & the red peacock. I would gladly trade you a month of my weather if I could! At least you seem to have mega-inspiration, if only for the photographing & listing... Congrats! I hope you will sit by the sea designing someday :)

fairiesmarket said...

absolutely beautiful


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