Tuesday 21 May 2013

Where have I been.....?.......California...!

Back this morning and off to school to teach tomorrow. Wanted to share a quick or not-so-quick photo rundown of the trip (of a lifetime). We are sad to be home - what an awesome time was had! Will share more details in time. It's good to be back on the blog :-)


Anonymous said...

Who's awesome VW van is that? Love it, and also the leather stools at the cafe counter! What a fun trip you had!!

KayzKreationz said...

Looks like you had an awesome time and saw some of the same things my hubby and I saw. We just got back from California the 7th. Took a week long ride down Highway 1 in California on a Honda Goldwing motorcycle. It was a blast.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I live in San Diego and so happy your visit here was wonderful! Love, love, love the VW van you snagged for your travels...so Californian!

pretty smart ideas said...

Thanks for these beautiful pictures of San Francisco and the California coast. I thought I only barely remembered the place, but you have shown me that even after 40 years, it is pretty much the same. I dream of going back there one day to see those things I saw back when I was a kid.


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