Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Spot the beads!

What bead artists can you spot in this shot? Whoever spots the most will win a super secret prize.....


artistic rejuvenations said...

well, i simply cannot say but i do love the photo! xoxo

PiPa said...

I would say Heather Powers of Humblebeads, Bo Hulley and Heather Wynn Millican of Swoondimples

Lorelei Eurto said...

I should be good at this right?? I can't identify that bird pendant though. But I do see Swoon Dimples, Humblebeads, Mamacita Beadworks, Kylie Parry, Elukka, BO Hulley.

Ellen Lambrix said...

I think I recognize: Jubilee, Swoondimples, Theatoo, Humblebeads, Mamacita's beadwork, Bo Hulley, Kylie Parry, bird from Blueberrybeads (?) and we may not forget The curious beadshop and Smitten beads :)

Sammy Jay said...

Just going for everyone I know you like :)
The Curious Bead Shop
Smitten Beads
Bo Hulley
Kyle Parry
Gardanne, Helen Chalmers,
Min Fiddler
d'arsie manzella
Leah Curtis
Captured Moments
Lynda's Lampwork
Diane Hawkey
Heather Powers
Slate Studios
Linda Newnham
Jo Tinley
Pippa Chandler
Julie Fountain
Lesley Watt
Susie Q
Muffin Ceramics
Mamacita Beadworks
Build Me Up Buttercup
Reduction Nation


Claire Lockwood said...

Erm, ditto, Sammy Jay. Everything she said. Plus, my name-out-of-thin-air guess on the discs at the front is Pajego Art House... ha ha

Sammy Jay said...

Possibly there is also BlueberriBeads too! x


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