Thursday, 20 June 2013

Happiness: Reader Appreciation Offer!

Hello all! I come to you today with a Blog Reader Appreciation Offer :-) To say thank you to all me wonderful readers. I so appreciate every single one of you. You are the best!

This bracelet,

Happiness (now Sold, with thanks :-)):

featuring Swoondimples clasp.... 

 ....gorgeous wooden rondelles and handmade ceramic round.....

....czech glass including a gorgeous wee elephant, and a sweet antiqued copper leaf......

Was £48 but here, until 23.06.13, half price at £24. Free UK postage, and £2 RoW :-)
{That's about $37 or 27, plus p+p} 

                                                 SOLD, with thanks! x x x

(aren't double-strand bracelets a bugger to photograph?! hehe!)


Claire Lockwood said...

That was quick! Very tempting!

scotknit said...

It certainly was quick, and no wonder! That wee elephant is so cute!


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