Friday, 7 March 2014

A blighted Friday, and some bracelets

Today I had an exciting (for me) afternoon planned - booked in to get my hair cut and highlights put in (first time for almost a year; I know, I am *awful* at getting it done with any kind of frequency - I think that because I have curly hair I can get away with it...!). My highlights are currently half way down my head and my hair is definitely not in the best of conditions, I was really looking forward to getting it done. I'm always a bit unsure of new salons, as I really hate the way/style a lot of hairdressers dry my hair (again, it's the curly hair thing - if you have curls too, you'll know exactly what I mean, I'm sure), but I found a Toni and Guy salon, and as that's where I last got my hair done in Manchester, I would take a leap of faith on a new place. 

I set off in plenty of time - beautiful day here, I thought a 45 minute walk would be a pleasant and healthy was to start my afternoon. But, unfortunately I got extremely confused with my Maps app and got lost on the way - that's ok, I thought, I'm still 20 minutes ahead of my appointment, I'll just ring ahead to let them know that I am running late. No problem, we'll let the stylist know. Up the hill I tramped, thinking that perhaps my wooly gloves were perhaps not really needed for such a sunny the top of the hill, again my maps app foiled  me and I ended up walking round and round a block, looking for a turn off that DID NOT EXIST. Took a different route. Had a fight with my very long, very cosy wooly scarf trying to pull the thing off as I was now rather on the warm side. 

So, eventually - puffing a little and definitely red in the face - I made it to the hairdresser, 15 minutes late. Only to discover that they had only booked me in for my highlights and not a haircut. And that they couldn't possibly fit me in for a haircut after the dye. Aaagh! I don't really know why, but things like that get me soooo worked up. Partly because I'd taken the afternoon off work, with the concession in my head that I will work this evening instead. 

So, instead of having a nice relaxing haircut, sorting out my shocking two-tone dry-as-a-bone hair, I'm sitting in Cafe Nero writing this blog. Had a lemon and poppyseed muffin just to counteract any good that the walk may have done me, and I will probably miss the bead delivery that I was expecting today, and have to go and pick it up from the depot later instead. *Sigh* Anyway, I think I will go and buy another cup of tea and then go home. 

Anyway, so as not to simply bore you with my non-exciting non-haircut(!), I will share some of the things I've been working on lately. These simply cord bracelets have proved very popular, and I'm thinking they will be a great thing to have in stock for my summer fairs. They still have my trademark handmade element in them - beautiful handmade buttons from Bo Hulley or handmade lampwork discs from Helen Chalmers. A simple and pretty way to wear handmade! There are a few available in my shop just now, but most of them don't even last long enough to get into my shop - they are snaffled up straight from my FB page here


Unknown said...

Oh what a frustrating time you have had - and soooooo annoying not to get your hair cut - I do so hope that you had your highlights done and are thrilled with them.

Loving the new style bracelets - very boho and perfect for summer - reminds me of my hippy days! Gorgeous

Claire Lockwood said...

Oh Lord - I feel your pain! Getting round to getting your hair sorted - such a faff! And then not even managing to get it done! At least you've made beautiful bracelets!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am not much for high maintenance, so when I go to maintain myself, I want it to get done! But I do love your bracelets. They ARE perfect for summer.

Unknown said...

I share some of your pain - my hair is wavy and it's taken years to find someone who cuts it right rather than just ignoring the wave! I will say that having found a talented local independent hairdresser I get the best cut and colour I've had anywhere and at half the price I used to pay at t&g. As with most things it's worth finding a local talent if you can rather than relying on the overbooked big chain! Xxx


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