Tuesday 11 March 2014

Sunshine and Roses

Ok, so I don't technically have a picture of the sunshine, but trust me - today, it is *here*, with me, in Belfast and that makes me smile more than I have in a good while! I love the sunshine. British and Irish winters are not good for this soul....wet, dreary, dark and generally dreich.....I know it seems unfair to complain when people over in N. America have had such a very cold and vicious Winter, but....well, I'm going to anyway! And I am now rejoicing that there is sun. I know that this rejoicing means that clearly, the sun will now disappear until June, but even if it does, today is glorious. 

Even though I didn't have that much new jewellery to photograph this morning, I still took advantage of that moment when the sun's in the right place for me to snap some good shots. The more I learn about photography (really, my knowledge bank is very, very little but still, it's edging forward, one grain at a time), the more critical of my own photos I become. I was speaking to a crafty friend of mine (Alex from Studio 9 Ltd.) who is rather more expert with a camera than I am, and she's given me a couple of tips that I need to put into practice. Much as I think this photo's not too bad, I can see that the light source is clearly coming from the RH side, and I need to try and balance it a bit more. Alex suggested white paper to bounce the light, so I need to try and set up a way wherefore I can position that easily and securely. 

Having nit-picked at that, I am rather pleased with this bracelet. I love it's primary-colour-ness and the playful textures and imagery it evokes. It's bold and fun and yet still pretty - and it makes me smile. Just like the sunshine :-) Bird from Blueberri Beads and lampwork rounds from Helen Chalmers

And here are the roses. Handmade polymer roses from Beady Eyed Bunny no less, in a gorgeous peach shade. I've had these vintage acrylic ovals for a while, and absolutely *love* them, but they are so large I'm not always sure what to do with them. They make quite a statement on their own. But the little peach rose section works for me, and their rustic vintage-ness, and the soft bohemian edge that the leather lace bring here all harmonise well for me. I'm going to be listing both of these pieces in my etsy shop shortly. 

I've been thinking a lot about jewellery design, and my own jewellery designs in particular of late, and what I want my jewellery to be and 'say'. I've noticed my designs are somehow becoming somehow simpler, and with cleaner lines.....I guess I perhaps have a clearer vision in my head of what I want to achieve. Perhaps I have more confidence in the strength of my own design (perhaps...!), and I can make things simpler and more straightforward. I want my jewellery to speak to the wearer. I like using clear visual elements within my work - birds, flowers, houses, keys - rather than simply abstract ones. I want my jewellery to tell stories, but not necessarily the same story for each person. I want it to feel rustic and elegant and playful and grown-up and timeless and whimsical, all at the same time. I want people to want to wear it, because they look at a piece and feel a connection in some way. Am I managing that? I am trying. I am striving towards this within my jewellery. I want it to be more than 'just' pretty, although prettiness is something to absolutely not be undermined or dismissed as shallow or unimportant. (I mean, do you want to wear ugly jewellery?!). 

There have been so many changes in my life over the past few years, a shifting of certain priorities....emotional struggles; highs and lows....I feel almost like there is a separate part of me, standing to one side; sitting on my shoulder - watching my journey, interested and curious to see where and how it will go...


Karin G said...

I agree that finding one's own voice is a long and difficult path! But I think your jewelry definitely tells a story, and a different one with each design. I love your playful bracelet as I think your necklace is absolutely stunning, simple and harmonious.

Linda - Earthshine.co.uk said...

I love that necklace Rebecca, I think you have struck just the right balance with it.


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