Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Multi-coloured Facets - Joyful Earrings

I *love* colour. Really and truly - it is something that brings me joy on a daily basis, and is one of the reasons that, despite taking a few silver-smithing classes and looking into developing the metal-work side of my jewellery work to involve more hot connections, I am continually drawn back to the beads. I know I could never give them up, and the joy and exhilaration that their colours bring to my daily studio life. 

So when a favourite bead artist of mine popped these lovely beads into her shop, I knew they had to be mine:

Beads by Earth Tones

They arrived with me only yesterday, but straight away I fell in love and knew I had to turn them into something wearable immediately. 


I tried combining these colourful, brimming-with-happiness beads with many different beads - red, lime, blue, metallic - but ultimately, it was these sweet and simple pale grey rondelles from Beads by Laura and matte, rustic seeds from Indonesia in a pale sky blue that did the trick for me. 

Do they speak to you as they do to me? You can find them here in my etsy shop. 

One element that I do like a lot but don't always feel quite fits me, is geometric design. I think it's the precision and evenness that can go along with it....but here, the rusticity of the rounds means that the facets and me are a perfect match. 

I did a little searching on Pinterest for more facets in design to inspire me - some full of colour, some simply letting the facets do the talking.

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

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Alice said...

I can see why you snatched these colorful beads right up. Your earrings are lovely and the name you chose is very fitting.

Adelia El Wakil said...

really amazing :o)


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