Thursday, 3 July 2014

Shell Gatherer

A few days ago, I posted about my love and affinity with the sea. Last year, we visited California and I fell in love with the Pacific coast there and the stunning state beaches....

San Clemente, California
Being from the UK, we are close enough to Europe that I have also holidayed there often throughout the years, and have always loved visiting Mediterranean beaches there - I'm not one to 'work on my tan' being only a few shades warmer than the traditional Scottish blue, but I love the sun, I love swimming in the sea and I adore being on holiday and soaking up foreign culture. 

Found on Pinterest
However, being from Scotland, and currently living in Northern Ireland,  I am also fond of a steelier and rather more wind-lashed beach as well. In the UK and Ireland, you are never very far away from the sea, no matter how inland you are. I am lucky to have grown up in Edinburgh, not far from the sea at all, and holidayed often in and around Scotland when I was growing up. 

Beach shots from the eerily beautiful Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
As a child, we holidayed in the Highlands and Islands, but also took day trips to pretty places close by Edinburgh, often to the seaside. 

And one of my favourite activities on these trips? Collecting shells! Not big, shiny perfect shells - these rarely turn up for people to stumble upon, and they're often some wee creature's home before they are polished up and put for sale in tourist spots. 

More like these:

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Old, weathered, broken and tumbled by sea and sand. I had a huge bag. My hoarding tendencies were present, even then...

So when Claire Lockwood of Something to do with your hands used delightfully chippy and rustic blush 'rose' shell beads in a recent project for Beads and Beyond magazine, I knew I had to track some of them for myself. 


So far, I've made a couple of bracelets with these pretty beads. The first has flown away already, but there is a second bracelet is available in the shop. 

I imagined my handwoven {song}beads being colourful pearls, nestling between the shell roses. 

Available on etsy

Me and the sea; Whitby, North Yorkshire


la mar de bonita said...

Those chips are beautiful together with the turquoise!

Ailsa Jackson said...

collecting shells is also one of my favourite things, I think it comes from having always lived near the coast (North Wales Growing up, South Wales at Uni and now the North East)- I have a huge jar full in the bathroom.
Love both of the bracelets you've made with those shells! :)


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