Monday, 5 April 2010

I'm back!

It's been a while! My plans to blog more frequently in 2010 went slightly awry (clearly, as it's now April!) for quite a few reasons which essentially boil down to the fact that 2010 has so far been a fairly crap year for me and my little family. I won't go into it all now as not wanting to write about it is one of the main reasons I've let this blog slide but suffice to say it involves a lot of illness and hospitals! Things are on a bit more of an even keel now so that's something. But I decided today to get blogging again and reclaim my little piece of internet space. Above is a (slightly rubbish) photo of my most recent design - an embellished RAW bangle which I've become a bit obsessed with making, over and over and OVER again! These are the first five that I made; I must be up to at least 20 by now. They are great fun and I love playing with different colour combinations within each one. Currently on my bead mat is dark fuchsia, galvanized cocoa, coral opal and matt dark pinkish salmon.

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Jane Lock said...

Blogging regularly is tough even when things are going well! I love the bangles, am delighted that you too get obsessed with variations in colour combinations and really hope that a change in the season brings a change in fortune for you in 2010.


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