Friday, 9 April 2010

New purchases

As some of you may or may not be aware, I am a bit of a lampwork-aholic. I have a rather large and ever-expanding collection of these beauties and no plans to reform my habit! Now I of course have my own favourite lampwork artists (more about them later!) but recently I have seen more and more jewellery artists using beads by lampworker Clare Scott, not least Eve Smith who I have blogged about before. And, checking that blog post for the link, I see I even blogged about Clare before!

One of my favourite ways to buy lampworks is a 'destash' - where the artist is selling off a bunch of beads not necessarily related to one another - maybe orphans or pairs that didn't quite make it into full sets. I love these as you get loads of variety and often (can you tell I'm Scottish?!) at a very good price. So I was delighted to see Clare selling off three destash sets on her website! The above picture is of the set I chose and I have to say, I'm totally and utterly in love with it! I don't know that I've quite captured how gorgeous the beads are BUT believe me, they're stunning. I'm a real turquoise girl so...

...THIS ONE immediately jumped out at me but they are all stunning. I believe it's the reactive silvered glass that Clare uses which give her beads such a mystical sheen. You can see this with the other beads I've close-upped below. Completely wonderful.

Now, if only I could find something to do with all these lovely beads...!


Eve Smith said...

I love clares beads also, as you already know, the bead that you like bead, i have a large focal bead and two smaller ones of these, but i have still to get round to making something, will post a pic on my blog soon.

Cathie Carroll said...

That's a great idea- de-stash beads.

I get a bit paralyzed when trying to decide between one beautiful bead or another.

Thank you!


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