Friday, 23 April 2010


I'm going to deviate briefly from the beads for this post, right over to the other part of my blog name, the SONG in Songbeads. Tomorrow, I'm off to Uttoxeter to play '1st Witch' in Purcell's Dido and Aeneas. It's a great wee opera, especially if you're not used to listening to opera or even classical music - nice and short, lots of good melodies and witches plotting, love and of course, death! What opera would be complete without love and death?! Cheery stuff. It's one of the very first operas written in English and is probably the earliest one that is still performed regularly. Last year I was 2nd witch (slightly lower rather than secondary) in Opera Hesperia's production in Chester so I'm hoping I won't get confused with the two parts as they are fairly similar! Anyone else enjoy the combination of beads and music? Two of my very favourite things.


JaneLock said...

Is it appropriate to say 'break a leg'? What a wonderful thing to be doing!

Rebecca said...

Absolutely! Or you can say 'Toi toi toi' as it's for singers but I always think that sounds quite pretentious. Thanks!


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