Sunday, 19 December 2010

And the winner is....

...Niina! Congratulations Niina, send me an email with your address and I will get your silk ribbon necklace posted out to you.

I'm poorly sick in bed again - we finished our run of Carmen last night and it was predictable. Since we went into production I would say that 1/3 - 1/2 the cast have had nasty colds that have caused them to be off sick and now it's my turn :-( So I'm in bed watching cheesy dvds and trying to complete a beading project who's deadline is looming imminently...very imminently!'s not going so well as I have that awful cotton wool head thing going on...yuck. I'm meant to be going to our end of term party tonight which one of my course mates has organised - if it was just a standard party I would give it a miss but we've all paid £30 per ticket as it includes a lovely 3 course dinner! So I think I will just drug myself up to my eyeballs and go along. I'm sure I will have a brilliant time once I'm there. 

On a slightly disappointing note, I recently had one of my necklaces stolen. I was in a hotel bar (a Radisson one, quite posh you would have thought!) meeting a friend who was up with work from London and I had brought along a necklace for him to give to his girlfriend as a Christmas present from me. It was sitting in an organza bag on the table and we literally left the table for a couple of minutes and when we returned it had gone. I feel really sad about this - I had chosen it for Hannah specially and I had used lovely sky blue hand dyed ribbon which I now don't have any more of. I'm sure whoever took it won't be reading this but it makes me very sad that they would do this. I shouldn't have left it on the table, I know, but we were surrounded by Chris's orchestra workmates and I felt we were in safe company. I guess you can never count on that in a public place. 

So, some good news for Niina and some bad news from me! Hope you are all having great weekends. Last one before Christmas! I can't believe it. I still haven't got any of my Christmas presents....but I still have a week I figure. Are you more organised than me, or are you in a similar position?! Have a good week!


Niina said...

Thank you, this is the best christmas present ever :D

steufel said...

Ohh no - sick and to get a necklace stolen - hope you have better times real soon!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Well Niina is a lucky gal! I feel for you as we have been rolling in pestilence and disease since last week. I haven't had all the boys in school since last monday and now they've gotten me sick : (. As far as the necklace being stolen all you can hope is the thief gets a nice case of food poisoning - LOL!'s what's for dinner.


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