Friday, 24 December 2010

Today's Work...

I've been cooped up in bed all day today, my disgusting cold has taken a turn for the worse, so I have stayed tucked up in my old bedroom! However, this was not without it's plus points - I have made most of my Christmas presents whilst bedridden! I think I can safely say that none of my friends or family even know that I have a blog (or even possibly what a blog is!) so I am going to post some pics here of what they are all getting. SO, if you are expecting a present from me and you have somehow stumbled onto this page, STOP NOW!!! Not always the best colour in the pictures - obviously there is no daylight!! and some pieces have worked much better than others. I made another couple of pairs of earrings but didn't photograph them as yet. In no particular order....

Bracelet for Anna Whyte

earrings for my Mum, featuring Mystic Topaz drops

Earrings for my best friend's Mum, Alison (these are a lovely powder green, not dull yellowy beigey green!!)

Sweet and simple bracelet for Susan using Vintaj and AAA grade pearls. She's not very girly but is a big supporter of my jewellery and wears a lot of my bracelets all the time!!

My piece de resistance - for my best friend Rosamunde. Using lampwork, those amazing, fat AAA pearls and apatite. Oh, and hand dyed silk ribbon and Vintaj, of course!

And again...

...and again. 

Citrine and Swarovski bracelet for Fiona

Necklace for Anna Metcalfe

Earrings for Laura (terrible picture!! They don't have that jaundiced glow in reality!)

Bracelet for my sister

As you can see, I've been on quite a wire wrapping kick today (and last night). It's partly being inspired by the wonderful Denise Yezbak Moore but it's something I've enjoyed over the past couple of years, and my last few Beads and Beyond projects have included some. I think that somehow it marries my love of beadweaving and wirework. It feels akin to the beadweaving to me. And I like that I'm not merely linking pre-made things together in a chain. Which, don't get me wrong, I also love to do, but it's been fun to mix it up. It's 12.20am here now so I must go to bed and try to get some good sleep tonight! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve tomorrow. 
x x x


Pretty Things said...

What beautiful work! I really like the last one (are those Jet AB2X?). And I hope you get well soon!

Spirited Earth said...

gorgeous pieces..your friends and family will be thrilled.

elisabeth said...

Sorry you're feeling bleck - hope you feel better soon - but love the results of your bed ridden jewelry making. I love the wire wrapped loops - I'll have to give it a try 'cause they way you used them is just so cool!

Nicki said...

I love these pretty rings. How funny - it is the same with my blog - none of my family and friends know about it....
I wish you a wonderful couple of days, Rebecca, you have become a very good friend this past year. I hope that you will get a lot of happiness and luck and a light heart also in 2011. Merry Christmas,

Palimpa Lim said...

How lovely, Rebecca! These wire wrapped rings and things are adorable!
Merry Chrstmas!

Sabrina said...

Hi Rebecca,

your work is so pretty, I love the first one the most, but of cours all others are also really nice;)



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