Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Moo Cards

SO, I bet quite a few of you are already converts to Moo....I have seen other folk with these pretty, pretty cards at bead and craft fairs (where I've been as a customer) and always thought they looked very lovely. And of course, they are a common and welcome addition to many an Etsy purchase! However, I haven't really ever sold very much of my jewellery; in part I'm sure to the fact that I have never really pursued that line. 

When I started getting into beading in earnest, I did initially set up an Etsy shop (now ground to a halt) and shortly after a Folksy shop (a UK equivalent of Etsy), 

but very soon after this, I fell into teaching and let any attempts to sell my wares slide. About a year later, I submitted some of my designs to magazines and have happily never looked back! So I have never really had much need for business cards and although I have some, and they are quite nice if I do say so myself, they are quite cheap in price (although not in quality I would say!) from a company I am sure many of you are familiar with(!). 

And I have happily bobbed along, not really trying to sell any jewellery, occasionally someone buying the odd thing from my Folksy site (which on more than one occasion has resulted in a panicked search for said item as I have no recollection of where I put it once I had photographed it!), sending off articles to Beads and Beyond, teaching beading at my local Bead Shop. 

But this December, I have somehow managed to sell quite a bit of my wares! Which was lovely and, I must say, somewhat unexpected.

 A lot of my new college friends have been very interested in little jewellery side line, and a few of them bought some Christmas presents from me :-). So, the point I am trying to get to in a very long and convoluted way is that I thought I might try out Moo! And here is a very fuzzy picture of some of the free-ish sample pack of cards I have ordered. 

I have peppered this post with some of the pieces I have sold in December. Some of them, I didn't even manage to photograph before they disappeared off in their little organza bags! Are you spotting a colour theme?! Anyone who knows me will not be surprised by this green/blue/turquoise theme. I'm really looking forward to my sample cards and (even more excitingly for some reason!) the sticker book I ordered along with it! I always put stickers on my packaging since I bought some very pretty bird themed ones in Edinburgh over the summer. I thought it would be nice to have my very own ones to use instead of just the birdie ones! 

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever way you choose to celebrate this festive time of year. Mine wasn't too exciting but I caught up with some dear friends and am hoping to clear out my flu bug before I have to go back to work and college. Best wishes for the new year when it comes!


TesoriTrovati said...

I love Moo cards! I just ordered my first set with a coupon code for repeat buyers. I uploaded about 35 pictures and I couldn't be more thrilled. I plan to write about that sometime soon. I even bought their frame for holding the mini Moos. So pretty! I have a lot of my own in there, but would like to fill it with all my friends wares, like trading cards!

Congrats on the sales Rebecca! Good things happen to nice people like you!
Enjoy the day.

Eve Smith said...

Hi Rebecca, i have posted your order today, hope you had a great xmas, i just seems to go that quick. I love moo cards they are great quality, infact i need to order more soon. I have'nt written anything for the magazine in ages due to my camera still not been fixed yet, but i have enrolled myself in a 10 week silversmithing course, and also got my own workshop now shared with 6 other people can't wait to get stated.

Unknown said...

I just got my first set of Moo cards last week before Christmas and I love them - I don't even really sell my pieces yet but I was drawn in by the mini cards, they're so cute! I hope you like yours, the pictures look lovely from your snapshot.

Congratulations on all of your sales :)


Malin de Koning said...

Never heard of Moo cards. Will do a google search now. I will get back if I don't find anything useful on the subject. And personalized stickres, that sounds nice.

Gorgeaus pieces all of them. Green-turqouise is a favourite of mine too.

HAPPY new year Rebecca!
Hope it will bring us a possibily to see each other. And for me to hear you sing.

All my best,

Thanks for your encourouring comments on my recent posts

Malin de Koning said...

Ok, excellent!

I wanna do it too.
For the tip I wanna thank you.

Time to design a proper graphic profile for myself as a jewellery designer. I haven't had one yet, and no business card either, shame on me really, being a graphic designer and all. But really it is better to ask someone else to design your profile for you, even if you are a designer yourself. Hm, who shall I ask?

I might blog about the process of that when I'm done. I would think it is fun to follow.

Again, all my best


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