Saturday, 20 August 2011

A bracelet for Paula...

As any regular readers will know, I recently began taking part in Altrincham's new Vintage and Craft Fair. Last month, I was lucky enough to receive a commission from a fellow stall holder, Paula. She is getting married in a month and wanted me to create her a bracelet for her to wear on her big day. What an honour - and a slightly scary one at that! It's always such a privilege to create wedding jewellery but a special type of treat to have a commision from someone who knows you only through your work. But daunting. Very daunting.

Tomorrow is August's fair, and I completed Paula's bracelet a few days ago. Last month, she brought in some samples of fabric and trim that she will be wearing on the day. Very vintage chic! Some lovely off-white, ivory shades. The bracelet came about in quite a fortuitous way - I have a few bits and bobs from pieces that hadn't quite worked out for one reason or another - a strand of linked beads, a scrap of vintage lace....they were lying on my beading table and they all came together very naturally. I just hope she likes it!

I'm not going to share the finished piece here until Paula has seen it and given it the stamp of approval (there are a few options for change I have in my mind, so hopefully one version or another will fit the bill!) but as we are in the season of sneak peeks, here is mine.....

It's something I would have worn on my big day and you can't do more than that, can you? 

Hope you are all set up for lovely weekends. I'll give you the (mini) reveal on Monday :-)

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