Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I was one of the lucky buyers to snaffle up one of Heather Humblebead's Groupon-style vouchers a few months back. Here are some of the fab goodies I treated myself to. Can you tell what my favourite colour is...??! 

Heather is a fabulous artist. I'm only a recent 'convert' to polymer clay but I absolutely love it now. Heather is one of my favourite bead artists, full stop. I also adore Barbara of Floridity's work, particularly her cute birdies

Who are your favourite bead artists? Is there a medium you were unsure of that you've now come around to and if so, what made you change your mind? I'd love to know!


steufel said...

Wow - they are awesome! And my fav color too!

Heidi said...

I particularly love the mushroom. And you know that's my fave color as well! As for what I've come around to, it's copper. When I first started out, I couldn't stand it. But then I got some LoS, and I can't be stopped. Copper copper everywhere! I don't know what my problem was, I guess it just reminded me of my mom's big copper pot collection when I was growing up?

Hazel Ward said...

I didn't used to like copper either, or any of the warm metals, but then I bought a copper chain on a whim, and I was in love! It's just so versatile :)

lynsey said...

I adore Heather's work and her blog, I'm enjoying the polymer lately

Jo said...

Yummy! I love Heather's beads.
I was always unsure when people mentioned perspex or acrylic jewellery, but I had to make a couple of perspex pieces recently for an article and I was very pleasantly surprised. It polishes up beautifully!

My Life Under the Bus said...

*jealous* I'll take one of everything!


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