Sunday, 7 August 2011

I Heart Macro

So, I tried to capture a few things with my macro-tastic camera today, but nothing was quite as effective as the seed beads were for me last time. Here are a few close ups I snapped.

Tried out one of my cool camera settings here too - I love the drawn effect this results in. Check out the other folk joining in here, on the lovely Lori's blog.

I've developed a recent obsession with sticky tape....particularly Japanese/Korean style tapes, like the ones pictured below. Some are so pretty. I have to work out what else to do with the tapes apart from seal up parcels! I've got a few - the ones pictured - but also, a very pretty roll of lace trim, with adhesive on the back. I can see it being very nice on something or other....not sure what yet!

On another note, I also treated myself to a bead weaving kit this week, from the lovely Bead Merchant. I usually do my own designs with bead weaving, but I find the best way to stretch myself; learn a new stitch or technique, is through a pattern or a kit. I've done a couple of Bead Merchant kits before and never been disappointed so am looking forward to this one. 

Last week was a bead weaving week (sad I can't share my finished piece yet, I am thrilled as I said with it, but I must wait until the British Bead Award Gurus have spoken! :-)) but this week, I'm back on the wire. After two beading classes yesterday and the day before, I was ready to do something less focused and labour-intensive! 

So here is a simple knotted bracelet using water and wood components from MissFickleMedia, a sweet bird from PatinaQueen and some absolutely gorgeous, fat freshwater pearls from one of my very favourite bead shops, PreciousSparkleBeads. Who now carry some of my jewellery! VERY exciting. Dawn (the owner) is a truly awesome lady, and she's one of the people who have really given me the confidence to try and sell my jewellery, as well as teach. Not only does she sell wonderful beads, but she's also a very nice lady. I've just ordered some pyrite ovals and some very special Amazonite cubes from her, hopefully they'll arrive in the next few days. 

Hope you've all had a great week. Whilst it was lovely to be home (Edinburgh), it's always a little stressful running around, catching up with lots of people you haven't seen for a while. So it's good to be back in Manchester, with my sweetheart :-) We're watching The Killing (original version, in Danish) at the moment, downloaded from iTunes. Tricky to bead whilst reading subtitles, but I'm managing it somehow! Love a good crime drama, it's definitely my favourite genre to watch. I recommend The Killing if you can cope with high levels of tension! 

Enjoy your Sunday evening. x x x


Shirley said...

I think I saw the sticky tape on a post on TatertotsandJello. Those are some seriously crafty people over there. Just got a new camera today, so I'm looking forward to playing with new features! Have fun with the movie. :)

Kym Hunter Designs said...

Great pictures! I didn't know that cameras had setting like that. I like the drawing effect. Your bracelet is beautiful!

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Great pictures and I LOVE the drawn effects.

Have a great week.

Laura Twiford said...

Love that enameled swallow and the pearl and the drawn effect is way cool!


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