Sunday, 5 February 2012

Allegory Gallery and i heart macro

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I am part of a really exiting team of designers - the Allegory Gallery Design Team. Every month from February 2012 - January 2013, we're all going to be blogging about new pieces of jewellery we have designed using materials from Allegory Gallery. We are able to combine these materials with those from our own stashes (rather overflowing in my case :-)). Andrew Thornton sent each of us on the team an exciting package of goodies, from his new Gallery and Boutique in Legonier, Pennsylvania.  (You can check them out on facebook too and why not like them whilst you're at it? For every 100 new likers they get before the 1st April, they will receive free advertising dollars!) 

I started work on my first piece this week. I knew I wanted to use the delicious ice tea lucite rounds that Andrew had selected for me - two sizes, one 12mm I think and the other 8mm - off the top of my head, I am very bad at sizing beads by eye! They are lovely and light, and have gorgeous swirls in them - each one slightly different. I believe they are vintage and I certainly haven't come across beads quite like these before. I have recently placed my first order from and thought that this sweet oval key pendant would go perfectly with them. I then did my usual thing of sifting through my messy tiny portable table, covered in beads so that I can't actually work on it, looking for other bits and pieces that would add interest to my necklace. Fat, creamy freshwater pearls from, fresh linen and hemp cord, some lovely tiny green Japanese rounds also from Allegory Gallery, and it seemed only fitting to use a Green Girl Studios clasp, from Andrew's family. (And by the way, if you are lucky enough to be in the area, I believe that Allegory carries both Earthenwood and Green Girl goodies, along with the ice tea and vibrant green beads I've used here.) I layered some co-ordinating green buttons and for the final finishing touch, I added a very special vintage button that I've been hoarding for the perfect piece....The beautiful rhinestone button was sent to me by fellow AGDT member, Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime, as part of a bead swap that we did last year. I have been holding onto this little beauty for a while and I'm glad it's found it's home here! 

Here are some macro close ups:

I took these shots this morning, out on our tiny fire escape to nowhere (it's corrugated iron, tiny, but with no ladder or steps. Technically a balcony I suppose, but far too grand a term I think!). Here's the this morning view from the fire no-escape. 

Brrrr! I don't like the cold!The light isn't great at the moment so I really struggled to get a decent shot of the entire necklace. 8 months on, I still haven't fully got the hang of my new camera! It's always reliable for macro shots though, so I am pretty pleased with this collage from (Anyone else totally gutted that Picnik is closing by the way? It's such a useful tool :-() Hopefully you can see just how pretty all of the components are in these close up shots. Click the button below to see the other i heart macro entrants.

studio waterstone 

Do also check out the other Allegory Gallery Design Team members. Brenda posted here and Penny put up her post yesterday - others will follow throughout the month. 


Brenda Salzano said...

Your post is great! I LOVE how you designed the necklace, with the bird clasp really setting it apart! Lovely! I have many people who used picnic, do you know if anything out there is like it?

Also appreciate the links to the others in Allegory Gallery, I will go do the same this weekend! ;-)

Cindy Cima said...

Great post Rebecca! The necklace is lovely!

Unknown said...

Very lovely post Rebecca, you did a wonderful job promoting Allegory Gallery as well as mentioning all of us. Will have to do that in the future as well. Your necklace is smashing I love your mix of textures and colors. You did a tremendous job! You pictures are very good to and I love how the collage turned out is does a grand job of featuring all the great elements in your design.

Linda Landig said...

What a cool necklace! Yes, I'm bummed about Picnik, too! I hope to use it a lot between now and April. I like your macro shot collage.

Therese's Treasures said...

Rebecca, Your necklace is very pretty. I was thinking that the 12 and 8 mm beads were Carnilian never would have though that they were lucite. I'm bummed that picnic is closing shop I have enjoyed using it and was going to join so I could fully use what they had to offer, what a shame!

LUCY said...

Maravilloso trabajo......

TesoriTrovati said...

So very lovely, Miss Rebecca. It is like the key to spring in that piece! The brown of the ground will give way to that fresh green popping out all over. I love what you have done, and congrats to be on this wonderful team!
Enjoy the day!

CraftyHope said...

You really did a great job with those Lucite rounds. Looking at them here, I think I would have been stumped by that color the first time I saw it. But you really made a necklace that they work well in. I like the yellow tones with the ice tea browns and the white adds a lightness! Very cool.

TesoriTrovati said...

You are too funny! I am not even sure what the original name was, but I am happy to be of service to you. ;-)
P.S. Your February charm is on its way today! Woot!
Enjoy the day!

Bits of Learning said...

I'm glad that that little vintage rhinestone button found a home in such a beautiful piece of jewelry!! Wonderful necklace!! Oh, and I love that cool green/yellow button!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

The rounds do look like carnelian or amber! Beautiful work - love the bird and the key. Do be too sad google is replacing picnik - I can't think of the name of the damn thing but it will edit photos too "Creative something" ACK!


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