Thursday, 16 February 2012

meet the buns

so, as some of you may know, we recently lost a very dear little girl from our household. 

here she is. the prettiest girl in all the world. (and for some reason she looks huge here but she was actually really tiny!) we are still pretty heart-broken as she was just the best wee pet ever. poor old rufus 

(her bunny companion) was also heart-broken so we decided to get a new friend for him. now, lily is cute but she is also completely wild.

 this picture belies her true nature....she's a brilliant little girl but she is pretty crazy! and still very uncertain of the world. although we have got to the stage whereby they sit side by side as long as the cage is between them, if we let lily free unsupervised, all hell breaks loose. so what do you do when the two bunnies that live in your lounge don't get on? why, adopt two more to live upstairs of course! that's what you'd do too, right...? we just stopped into pets at home to pick up some calm-ums drops for crazy lily and left with two new bunnies. oops. pets at home not only sell animals but also have an adoption centre. someone had brought these two cuties back! can you imagine?? 



we've had them for a few weeks now and they are unbelievably gorgeous. and best of all, they were friends before we adopted them. phew. 


Lesley said...

Oh Rebecca - they're all adorable but I think that little punk hairdo of Lily's should have been a giveaway...she certainly has a look of defiance on her cute little face!

Regina said...

Yep, you can tell Lily has a wild side. All are so beautiful!

TesoriTrovati said...

Oh my stars! Those are the cutest wee pets evah! Makes me wish that I had a magical bunny right now. I would love a studio bunny! So sweet! That Lily with her wild hairses makes me chuckle! And the two new pals seem so velvety! I love them, and that you have made room in your heart and home for such loves.
Enjoy the day!

GlassBeadArt said...

Oh how cute!!!
Our 2 rabbits are currently not gettting along very well. One had been very sick and still has not 100%recovered and the other one now tries to become the boss. They are constantly fighting but used to be a very cute pair.I hope they will soon reconciliate. Your 2 new bunnies are supercute. I esecially love Florrie!

Heidi Post said...

Awww, all the sweet bunnies ♥ I hope Lily will eventually chill. Little Hamish's ears are so cute & flopsy!

Eve Smith said...

Awe they are all so cute, It's my daughters birthday on the 1st March and this is what she wants, so we have been up to pets at home and looked at what we want, we are getting an indoor hutch just now seeing as the weather is still cold, so when we go get them next week i will post a pic, im just hoping that my dog gets on okay with them.

Mary Ann Tate said...

OMG.....cuteness overload:)


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