Sunday, 18 November 2012

Brit Pack Beaders Reveal

Welcome back to the Brit Pack Beaders Design Team Reveal!

from l to r: Lesley, me, ClaireJo and Bo

A quick recap:

This time around, it was my turn to select our inspiration piece. I hunted around for a bit, but I eventually chose a piece by one of my very favourite artists - Margaret MacDonald. You may know Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Scottish architect, designer and artist, and one of the Glasgow Four, of whom Margaret MacDonald was also a part. MacDonald and Mackintosh were also married, and whilst you can very much see their mutual influence, each has a style of their own. I find MacDonald's use of colour and form simply mesmerising, and I hope that if you like the work I have selected, you will be inspired to seek out more of her art. 

Here is the piece I selected, The Red Rose and the White Rose:

(c) The Hunterian, University of Glasgow 2012

Here are the materials we were sent (minus my clasp which I forgot to snap!)
A gorgeous selection of goodies, I am sure you will agree! 
And without further ado, here are my creations:

Sweet Dreams, featuring Bo's focal, Claire's beads, my clasp. Lesley's ribbon, and a poppy pin from Jo. (OK, I cheated a little. We were sent some poppy charms, but the pin was better for the purpose I had in mind!).

And some earrings, using pearls from Claire, silver drops from Jo and handmade ear wires from me. I have these on right now....

Look out for our next challenge, coming soon! And do check out everyone else's creations today.


Jo said...

I love the bracelet Rebecca! I always do love how you mix up so many colours and they always look absolutely perfect together.
And the earrings - well, what can I say? To everyone reading this, I cross my heart and promise that Rebecca did not see the earrings I made for the challenge when she visited me last week, and we purposely didn't discuss the challenge so as not to give each other ideas! A case of creative minds think alike?!

bo hulley said...

Gorgeous, of course! x

SmittenBeads said...

Hmmm, not sure if your blog likes me, just tried a comment and it disappeared! just in case here it is again - Lovly as ever Rebecca, You and Jo definitely, great minds and designers too.
Claire xx

Malin de Koning said...

Oh, absolutely lovely pieces Rebecca. Both of them in their own way. Now I'm off to check the other Brit Pack Beaders out :-).

Lesley said...

Very pretty pieces Rebcecca and quite an achievement if you know what I mean. :)

Rising Designs said...

I love the art work you chose and the inspired pieces you created also!

Linda - said...

Absolutley gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I came here because I follow Leslie's blog so I had to see what the rest of you were up to. You chose a gorgeous inspiration! I've been waiting and waiting to see what you all made. Love your pieces. You just blended all the colors perfectly!

KJ said...

Very fun. What a great Saturday afternoon, in a skirt, on the town bracelet.

Barbara Lewis said...

That bracelet is gorgeous ... and the inspiration piece is so soft and well ... inspirational! Hadn't see that one before. Great work!


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