Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thank you!

Wow! You guys are awesome. Thanks to my wee weekend sale in aid of the thoroughly horrendous 2 weeks we've had dealing with our bitumen-enveloped floorboards (kind of like tar....), I'm now approaching my 100th sale on etsy - only 2 more to go. Amazing! 

I can't quite believe I've almost hit this target. I had hoped to reach it by Christmas, but it looks like I may just possibly reach it before then. Tomorrow I'll be posting out most of my SANDINGNIGHTMARE sales out to the lucky recipients. But it feels like this potential milestone should be celebrated! So here's what I'll be doing. Whomsoever makes the 100th purchase from my etsy shop will be rewarded with a one-time only coupon code for 50% off one further purchased item from my shop. 
100 reached! Thank you so much!

So, if you are planning stocking up on holiday gifts, now is the PERFECT time to start :-) And of course, my current coupon code (did I mention it?!) on etsy is still running until the end of today. I will suspend it at around 8am, GMT, so that my North American friends have a chance to use it until the end of the 11th. And you don't have to wait for someone to make the 99th purchase - you could pick up just two pairs of earrings, and snatch the 99th AND 100th spot! 

Thanks so much. It really means such a lot to me to have your support! 

***Update: WOW. My 100th sale came literally SECONDS after I posted this blog! Ridiculously chuffed everyone :-) So I am extending this offer to lucky number 101! On your marks.....;-)***

***Update on the update - 101 was reached about 2 minutes after I posted here! Wow again! Overwhelmed, humbled and incredibly chuffed. Thanks so much to you all :-)***


Jo said...

That's fantastic Rebecca! Congratulations on such a fantastic sale! I love your Poppy necklace too.

Malin de Koning said...


Beautiful necklace!

scotknit said...

Congratulations! I bet it won't take you nearly as long to reach your second century.

Heather Sellers said...

Lovely necklace design. The colors are divine!
All the best,


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