Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pin It!

Well, how very exciting. I have just managed to add a Pinterest 'Pin It' hover button to the photos on my blog! Just hover your mouse over these lovely clasps (currently available in The Curious Bead Shop) and you'll see a wee tab button appear in the corner. I am always slightly astounded when I manage anything on the technical side here on the blog! I'm on Pinterest but haven't yet really got into it......I know loads of others are, so hopefully this will make it easier for you to Pin my pictures, should you so desire :-)


Alice said...

Your clasps are so beautiful! Congratulations on the pining feature. I'm hopeless on most things having to do with technology.

Have a happy day!

Alice said...

Well I couldn't resist another look at your shop and spent a bit of money there today. Oh Happy Day!

Unknown said...

Looks really great! Every piece is my favorite! Hugs, Doris


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