Wednesday 16 March 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

My travelling bead tray, very bare, today in college. Starting at top left, chinook rounds, marsha Neal flower pendant, Gaea bead bundle with gorgeous ladybird pendant. Some of my spoils from the Beads of Clay blog hop. Finally, my bird earrings from last night's post - I have switched the vintaj jump rings for MissFickleMedia hammered links in antique copper, real staples for me - the type of thing you think, I really wish I knew how to make that! Or at least I do. One day! But until then, I'm very happy to buy them from MissFM. They just felt like they went with Kylie Parry's beautiful birds a bit better than simple jump rings. What's on your table today?

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lynsey said...

cor that ladybird pendant is something else, so beautiful, I hope i'm that good with clay by the time i get to my final year in college

Nic :) said...

Such a neat bead table ... mine is still messier and I tidied it last night!


steufel said...

Looks totally intriguing:-)

somethingunique said...

Hello Rebecca, your bead table is singing a sweet song to me and it sounds wonderful, that pentant is stunning. ttfn :)

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh YES The copper is perfect on those earrings! Love everything of course...... If I ever win Lotto we'll have to go bead shopping together, love the Gaea too. Is the play done? Is life a bit simpler? I hope so!!! XO


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