Thursday 23 June 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Just drawn my giveaway from the other day and (almost) very excitingly, have made the discovery that I have a programme called Grab on my MacBook which does what it says on the tin, ie it is a screen grab programme! I've only had this computer for 4 years......unfortunately I STILL can't get it to load onto blogger. This is almost certainly my fault as opposed to blogger's or grab's but's rather annoying. 

But anyway, and without further ado, here is the winner......

Send me your address and I'll get posting :-) Feels rather odd to be sending beads to a bead artist (if you are not familiar with Genea's work then you really should be, she makes the most wonderful, colourful creations!) but I shall do my best to put together a fun and colourful package for Genea. 


Lesley said...

Oh good lord! I've had my MacBook for 3 years and I didn't know bout grab either! Technical advice as well as beautiful jewellery - thanks Rebecca!
And congratulations Genea.

Malin de Koning said...

Ok, now this is how you do it without any special program at all. This function is built into all Mac computer systems.

Press the shift-command-3 keys at the same time. All three simultanously. That makes a screendump of what is currently visable on your screen. Swap the 3 for a 4 and you will get a marker tool which, if you drag it over the screen with your cursor, will make it possible for you to take a screen dump of just a part of the screen, the part you choose.

The pictures should end up on your desktop. I also believe you can go to system settings and choose where the pictures end up and which format you want them to be in.

Try it, and get back to me if you have any further questions.

Good luck!

Let me know how it worked please.

Malin de Koning said...

Then you can open the picture in your photo editing programme, e g Photoshop, and do the editing you wish. Like cropping for instanse. Or adding text! Or balloons and stars for celebrating. Then save it in a format blogger appreciates.

Hope it works. Tell me all about how it went.


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