Saturday 25 June 2011

New pieces in les shops....

Just a quick post to share a few 'muffin top tin challenge' pieces which I made today! I have found Heather's idea SO inspiring and creative. I sorted all my muffin selections a couple of nights ago and today sat down and made 6 of the 12 pieces, all in a morning! Sure, I made simple pieces that were not too fussy but I'm pleased with every one. 

Here are three of the pieces I made, newly snapped and listed in my shops:

Again, I'm up to my usual trick of visiting a local cafe/pub/bar and using their happily distressed furniture and far superior availability of natural light :-) This time, I was in new cafe/bar Mary and Archie's, along on Burton Road in West Didsbury. My photo shoot was accompanied by falafel and earl grey tea, a winning combination :-) I adore the distressed old wooden table I've shot these pictures on, I think the slight texture works well as I surface for photographing. 

Here are my muffin tins, or cupcake cups as I've used instead.

 I did a quick switch of the central left hand side cup - I poured out the beads this morning and realised I must have chosen them in bad light...the blues did NOT replaced them with this cup:

as my set of polka dot beads from BeadsByLaura had arrived that morning. Plus I'd accidentally spilt a bunch of these vintage crystals whilst tidying (a rare occurance - the tidying that is, not the spilling!) and immediately thought how perfect they would be together. 

How is everyone else's muffin tin challenge going? Hope you're all having fun!


Hazel Ward said...

That photography setting is a genius idea - I love the ambiance it creates, with the vintage style jewellery against the worn wood :D

lynsey said...

lovely pieces, they're all super, and lovely photographs.
I'm not taking part in the Muffin Tin challenge, as there is just no way i could complete them in time. It is a fantastic idea though, it may be some thing i think about for the future.

Lisa said...

Even when they're simple (as you say), everything you create is beautiful! Love polka dots all year round, too! They are just so 'happy'! Can't wait to see the other pieces!

My Life Under the Bus said...

I love the first one that lily pad is a perfect foil to the czech glass!

Blacklady said...

boah, very beautiful, i like it.

somethingunique said...

Hi Rebecca, i love all of your creations and sometimes simple is elegant, and i love you photos, how do you make it look faded in the background? I just purchased my first camera not too long ago to take pics for my blog, i am still trying to figure everything out but having fun. I had every intention of participating in the muffin challenge but i did jewelry for a wedding party as well for the same wedding a fruit carving and over 200 fruit kabobs to surround the carving as well 20 pints of strawberries dipped in 4 kinds of chocolate so i didn't have enough time. I am still going to do the muffin tin thing to get me motivated what a good idea to plan projects.
take care and enjoy your Sunday
ttfn Lana :)

CraftyHope said...

All of these pieces you've gotten done are so great. I can't believe you've already got them listed. I almost didn't get all my pictures taken and edited in time for the deadline.
I love the idea of using someone else's light for photographing. I may have to try that trick!


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