Monday, 13 June 2011

Jade Wisdom, design process and a giveaway

The lovely Barbara of Floridity left me a comment on my last post saying that she does in fact take custom orders for her sweet owls. Hurrah! I was swithering over whether to sell this bracelet or not but I've decided now that I will put it in the shop at least as I know I can get more owls when I want need them. I made this bracelet in Skye a few weeks back and I absolutely love it - the colours for me are just perfect. Pyrite is one of my favourite stones to work with but it can be in danger of looking a bit gaudy - I think I've balanced it nicely here. 

I've been reading a lot recently about folks' design process which I admit totally fascinates me; Jamberry Song hosted a song based blog hop at the weekend and although a lot of beautiful jewellery was created based on one song the thing that interested me most about hopping was reading how different people approached designing. For this bracelet I did what I often do - pulled out an art bead or focal (Barbara's owl) 

and designed around that. The pyrite gives respite from and adds a richness to the vivid green and the green in turn softens the pyrite, blending it in with the patinated brass. A simple design I'm really pleased with!

Jade Wisdom is for sale here

So here's a question, and I'll open it up into a giveaway of beads and bits and bobs - how do you design? What's your starting point or is it different every time? Do you start with colour, theme or beads? I'm fascinated by the process behind the jewellery, I hope you will share yours with me!


somethingunique said...

Hi Rebecca, i just love that owl they are one of my fav focals to design with and that's how i usually start a design is with some kind of art bead and work around that and since i started blogging i have found so many wonderful "art beads and focals" to enhance my creations i am sharing many of these finds with a giveaway on my blog as well today make sure to hop over and check it out>ttfn Lana:)

Malin de Koning said...

I love that bracelet! Very nice with the Pyrite. I agree, it is tricky to use sometimes. Now you gave me a very good way of approaching it's use. The "less is more" principle. How cool Barbara has offered you to make more of those owls. I love how you use them in your pieces.

My process? I guess different every time. But an idea for a feel or a color scheme is most often there. On the other hand I might as well just begin with a component and start building around that one. Or a combo of two components. Doesn't have to be an Art bead at all. I generally have some kind of design "problem" I am dealing with as a parallell path, something that might not be obvious to the spectator in the end, but something I am trying to understand or master.

Nice post. Interesting topic. I'll check into that hop now.

Unknown said...

Oh Rebecca I love Barbara's beads too! I am currently hoarding 2 owls waiting for the perfect spark. One Pink and one Black. It's a great color combo I would love to try.
As far as my inspirations go I usually get them from checking out blog friends and patterns. I am starting to go out on a limb with some things and that is so much fun. The other things that inspire are keeping the beads on my tray and looking at them everyday as well as some of my favorite songs.

moonlitfantaseas said...

my process all depends on how well my muse is working, some times it is a color combination, or textures that light my creative fire, some times I have to search through all kinds of eye candy to get the muse working.......I just never know

jamberry_song said...

I think you're right; the antiqued brass and the swirly green glass do soften the impact of the pyrite. The wood you chose to take the pictures on is so lovely; it, too, adds a natural feel to this that suits it very well. :) And, gosh, yeah... gotta love that freakin' adorable little owl. :3 Lovely piece! I can see why you were hesitant to put it up for sale.

Third Eye Gypsy said...

Beautiful bracelet!

My designing is different every time. Sometimes I am inspired by a full jewelry design. Sometimes just to make a bead. Sometimes by some components I have layed out on my bead table.

Sometimes I see colors in a store all together and that inspires me to put something together.

xo Genea

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

My method is to start with some beads. I add/subtract leave them out for a while, come back add/subtract some more, simmer and them wahla something wearable.
No method to my madness but that's what makes it fun.
love the bracelet!

Jo said...

I'm another one who's design process changes depending what I'm working on! I'll often do what you do - start with a focal bead. I have lampwork beads and cabochons sitting on my desk and I'll try out different beads and shapes of silver with them until something just clicks.
If I'm working on new designs for my made-to-order range though I'll play around with motives first and see what grows from there.
I think I'd probably find it more difficult to use a song as a starting point as I'm definitely a visual person.
Love the owl - and your new Beads and Beyond project is gorgeous!
Jo x

My Life Under the Bus said...

I love the brass against the pyrite! I love hearing about peoples processes as well! I find it fascinating people can take a piece of music or phrase and turn it into something - this is very hard for me. Somewhere along the line I have figured I am a visual learner ( all my oldest sons sorting tests maybe!) if I see a picture or an image that speaks to me I automatically "see" a piece of jewelry in my head and work from that. Love Mr. hooty so cute! XO

Unknown said...

I also sew, so a lot of my ideas come from fabric swatches. It's a good starting point as the color themes are designed by experts. I often leave stray beads on my beading table and they often work into new designs. I have a basic idea and design as I go.

lynsey said...

That is a really lovely bracelet Rebecca, you're right it really is balanced, beautiful

Do Be Do Bead Do said...

That bracelet is really cute!!! I usually let the beads speak to me when I design. Crazy? Yes, but it works for me. Keep up the lovely work!

Pretty Things said...

Love the bracelet! All of her beads ROCK!

LUCY said...


Cindy said...

Barbara's owl is so sweet! Your bracelet is so pretty, Rebecca.
I like to start with a mood or color scheme...and overall image of what I'd like to create. Then I'll go hunt through my bead stash to find the right components... things are changed as I go, I try to stay flexible! :-)


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