Monday 6 August 2012

Brit Pack Beaders - the materials

i am officially a VBB (Very Bad Blogger). I had a date with the Brit Pack Beaders two weeks ago and I missed it. *hides head*. i had a slight mishap with some of the materials i was sent *head now buried in sand* 

but such are the lovely Brit Pack Beaders, that they not only forgave me but sent me replacement materials! how wonderful is this community that i am part of? 

in case you've forgotten, the Brit Pack Beaders are a small band of beaders from all over the British Isles, who are joining together for a bimonthly challenge - the brainchild of the gossiping goddess herself, lesley watt. you can read all about it here

so, here are the lovely materials i have to work with for our inaugural challenge:

the whole caboodle

from mastermind, jewellery artist and bronze clay guru Lesley Watt - the high heid yin and in charge of clasps.

selected by your truly. i'm in charge of focal beads. 

from the lovely Jo Tinley - she can't join us this time as she's off in New Zealand (it's a hard life for some) but wanted to be a part of our first challenge anyway. she is in charge of stringing materials.

from the amazingly awesome and bead artist extraordinnaire Bo Hulley. Bo is in charge of spacers beads and the like.

from the lovely and talented Claire - she's the high heid yin at Smitten Beads. DO go and check it out - it is an amazing wonderful of beautiful beads!

and here's the picture we're all working from

chosen by Lesley, photograph by Carolyn Saxby. isn't it awesome? it'll be a real challenge for me - not a selection colours i would think to put together, but that's the beauty of these things. can't wait to get started!

our initial reveal date has now been pushed back a little to the 15th august. so tune in then for our first ever Brit Pack Blog Hop!


Lesley said...

High heid yin - ha! I like that...visions of Billy Connelly! This is going to be,so much fun!

Hazel Ward said...

Wow, what a superstar team this is! Nice to see a British based one :D


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