Saturday, 4 August 2012

some new jewellery

a few new pieces for my etsy shop - some i have already blogged about but i thought i'd show you them in a different setting. much as i try different photography set ups at home, i am never as pleased as i am with the photos i take at a local pub, which has the most awesome washed out, grey-grainy tables and a big open space. but i know that as the nights close in (not yet, please!) the weather will do me no favours in terms of photography so the sooner i perfect the indoor studio the better. one new addition is the purchase of some heavy linen fabric in off-white. i do like it - think it has great potential, and certainly shows colour very well. i thought i might buy some similar fabric, but in a more grey shade of oatmeal - not too dark, but not cream like the one i've used below. any thoughts? I am always open to photography input...!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


lynsey said...

Lovely pieces.
I do like the top bracelet on the linen, I think colours of winter will work really well when it comes to it. It will also make bright colours pop.
I envy how you manage to get great photos on these types of back ground, I've resorted to just taking photos in my light cube with a white background, I can't seem to get any thing else to work lol

Heidi Post said...

I like the fabric - it looks good. Or maybe it's just the stunning bracelet that makes the fabric look good :) I LOVE that the other pics are taken at a pub. That's hilarious! But that wood is really great, isn't it?

As for photography tips - well you've seen my huge window with the very wide sill that happens to be east facing, so it's perfect for morning photos. I use one of those translucent plastic cutting mats in blue as a filter of sorts - it leans up against the window so the light doesn't come in as harshly as it would otherwise. That and mastering the settings on my camera makes it soooooo easy.

scotknit said...

Ooh, whoever bought Scottish Skies is a very lucky person!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Rebecca, I like the linen background so much I may give it a try. I have a 12" x 12" square of Belfast cross stitch linen, leftover from a long-forgotten project. It is the "natural" colour, which is medium dark, and very nubby and uneven in weave with a heritage aspect. Might not work with all pieces, but you should certainly have a look if you have some available. Of your lovely pieces in this post, I especially admire "Evening Light"... honestly, is there anything that DOESN'T look fabulous with pearls?!

Charming Peggy said...

I use a light box. You can purchase them at photography stores and use any point and shoot camera. It took me a few tries to get photos that I like but now that I have it figured out, I love it. The key for me was to take the pictures at night when no artifial light was involved, just my photography lights. Otherwise I take all of my pictures outside right away in the morning or in the evening just when it is getting downcast so there are no shadows. I have been in a pinch a few times and had to shoot outside during the day but I never like the quality of those photographs. A light tent is the way to go. they cost about a hundred bucks but I found mine on craigslist.

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Oh Rebecca, everything you create just speaks to my soul. Some day I will own something you made, I swear it. I should probably do the indoor studio thing, make a light box or something, but... haven't yet. lol. I like the cream color, but I think you are right, grey might be nice as well. Soothing? I don't know, I ramble. Regardless, I love the new pieces as always! <3

Tania Tebbit said...

I love your reference to taking pictures on the wooden tables - I take all my pictures on our rustic wooden deck in the natural light - beats indoor hands down. Apart from blowing the leaves and dog hair off, and keeping the dogs out of the photos I love it. I am sure my neighbours think I am nuts when they see me belly down on the ground with my camera, they have no idea what I am doing. LOL.


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