Friday 3 August 2012

Finally Friday

I love Shannon's weekly challenges. I love knowing that if I have a bit of spare time on a Thursday, or more likely, if I don't have any spare time but am looking for an excuse for procrastination, there's a fun and inspiring challenge I can take part in. Last time I took part, I made this:

which was the beginning of a month-long play with the colour yellow, now my best friend. 

This week, Shannon's palette was definitely out of the norm for me.
None are colours that I am uncomfortable with, but I'd never have thought to put them together in this way. Which is of course, part of the challenge for me. 

Here's what I came up with:

awesome sunflower pendant - kylie parry
minty green ceramic flower links - captured moments
sweet polymer owl bead - beads by earthtones
antique copper daisy clasp - daisychain extra

It's a very happy piece, I think - from the glowing sunflower, the happy daisy links and clasp, and the sweet little chubby owl. And I am so pleased with how the colours work together! One reason why I absolutely adore Design-Seeds. 

 What often happens when I work with one design-seeds palette, I want to go on and work with another. So I had a look through one of the books that I own (you can download selections of palettes so that you can have them on hand on your computer/ipad/iphone/wherever you download it to. You can even buy hard copy versions but they are understandably a lot more expensive than a pdf.). 

I picked another one that was again, not colours I would typically work with together and came up with this:

'Another necklace!' I hear regular readers cry. Yes; I decided I wanted to challenge myself with form as well as colour. 

dogweed pendant - humblebeads
ceramic bead flower caps - chellev2
rustic bronze flower clasp - theatoo

Tune into For My Sweet Daughter for next week's challenge. Absolutely gorgeous....I must try and find a bit more procrastination time next week ;-)



Lilik Kristiani said...

So beautiful =)

Niina said...

Rebecca, these are all so beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and they fit perfectly together. I could watch them no matter how long. : D Beautiful.

Unknown said...

Rebecca, just gorgeous, sumptuous! I love all of the components you mixed in!

Cyndi J said...

I love both of these necklaces! So fresh and yummy. The color palettes are a great idea for color inspiration.

Jewels By Ine said...

All the designs you made are GREAT! But the bracelet is my favorite! really nice!

A Polymer Penchant said...

Oh wow, these are beautiful! Look at you going for the bonus round with a second palette - awesome job. That one for next week is really irresistible

lynsey said...

totally beautiful creations Rebecca, I love how you've interpreted the colour swatches

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Rebecca,
Love all of your pieces they are beautiful.


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