Thursday, 16 August 2012

Naming your jewellery

***If you are looking for my Brit Pack Beaders Reveal, then check out the post below.***

A few new pieces of jewellery I have listed in my shops recently. My Mum (Scotknit) left a comment saying she would like me to give titles to my pieces. Do you name your pieces? I always used to on Etsy, but then I found out how important the listings titles are in terms of search value. I must admit, it's something I always find challenging - it's hard to find that sweet spot between prosaic and cheesy. But I agree, I like seeing what other people call their pieces, it does add another layer of artistry to the jewellery somehow.

By the way, there's still a chance to win a £14 voucher (plus free postage) for either of my shops. Hop over to my Studio Saturday at ArtBeadScene and leave a comment answering the questions I pose in my post today or tomorrow for a chance to win. There are quite a few items priced at £14 so if you win you could either get a completely free piece of jewellery from me, or put it towards something of greater value.



Edinburgh Sings
Printer's Drawer

Family Colours


Peach Melba


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Good morning (sorry, afternoon for you) Rebecca! I only name pieces if a title spontaneously presents itself. For anyone having a more compulsive desire to name every wire-wrapped stone cluster or string of beads, may I suggest the Random Title Generator. It was designed to title written works, but I think it's a laugh-a-minute as entertainment... and a bit addictive. Check it out:

My first clicks today coincidently included these titles:

"Stones in the Ring"
"The Laughing Petals"
"Silky Touch"
"Green Dreams"
"Illusion of Pleasure"
"The Elemental Spark"

...and some a little more, let us say, bodice-ripper worthy. They are really completely random, quite hilarious and sometimes just plain silly.

Your jewellery titles are decidedly more poetic and fitting, Rebecca. I particularly like "Edinburgh Sings", both the earrings and their name!

Anonymous said...

What a great collection of pieces. I'm a fan of your color palette selections. Especially fond of Painter's Drawer. Each bead is a treasure.

scotknit said...

Thank you! The names are perfect: absolutely fitting for all those lovely pieces. It actually makes me want to own them even more when I see the names that belong so well. However, don't think I could name my knitting in a month of sundays!


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