Wednesday 23 June 2010

Bead soup party day something...

So, we're now on day goodness knows what in our fabulous Bead Soup Party and now that I have participated, I can sit back, relax and check out the other partiers without thinking "Oh dear, my soup is still loose on a tray...."

Here are today's players:

I'm off to check them out NOW.

And hey, don't forget my GIVEAWAY! Seems like everyone's having them at the moment (we're all sharing the love) so why not play along? Just leave a comment and become a follower to be entered into the draw for

***THIS book...***

contains Andrew Thornton and Melissa Lee designs amongst many fabulous others! I will be having the draw on Sunday morning (27th) so get your name in the hat by then!


Cathryn said...

I've already registered for your Annie's Attic book--I have several of her crochet and plastic canvas books!

I did go visit everyone at their bead soup--this has been very fun to see what everyone's created! I love this!

Emerald Window said...

OOOOHHH, I love Andrew Thirnton's Beads.
I have a Give-Away sidebar on my blog. Will list you on it and hopefully send a few folks over here. If you do any other give-away's, let me know and I'll list them on the sidebar. It's up all the time.


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