Monday 21 June 2010

A MONSTER giveaway and today's Bead Soup

Check out Denise's AMAZING, super monster-sized giveaway! Check out this AWESOME pile of gorgeous-ness...what is she thinking??!!! And also, look at just how much of this pile is TURQUOISE. Anyone who knows me, knows that can only be a good thing. Seriously, is ther any colour better than turquoise/teal/aqua? No, I thought not. Beeeeeeautiful.

Don't forget I'm having a (teeny tiny compared with this!!) giveaway myself. You can win THIS BOOK:

if you leave a comment here. And become a follower. I've only got FOUR entries so far so you'd be in with a good chance! It contains lots of art bead designs and quite a few by the lovely Andrew Thornton so why not throw your hat into the ring?

And here are today's bead soups:

27. Lisa, Alterity
28. Dale, Dales' Flights of Fancy
29. Melanie, Kookie Designs
30. Christine, A Hot Piece of Glass
31. Nancy, Beading From the Heart
32. Laurel, Rue's Daftique
33. Sandi, Do Be Do Bead Do
34. Nicki, Nicki's Reef
35. Virginie, ViviBijoux
36. Janeen, Wild Vanilla


PS PLEASE check out NO. 34 and see what my soup partner Nicki did with my selection!


Eve Smith said...

Oh i'm with you on all those gorgeous beads rebecca, i also love all those colours,x

moonlitfantaseas said...

looks like an interesting book! I'll be back later to check out your bead soup and will follow your blog too!


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