Monday 27 June 2011

Cupcake Challenge

The idea was to fill your muffin tin (or selection of cups in my case) with a selection of co-ordinating beads. Your job was then to make jewellery from the selected beads. No tricky bead decisions to make, just put them together in a pretty manner! 

I did a couple of switches after making up these cups - the central row, two furthest left. Bead choices made in the dark, when I checked again in the morning, they just didn't quite go....

I was surprised at just how much I liked this method of working - I'll definitely be using it again. There were quite a few benefits. 

1) I used quite a few beads that I'd been hoarding and either not been able to quite bring myself to use them, or hadn't been quite sure how to use them (such as the SummersStudios heart bead).

2) It was great way to focus on creating. On quite a few occasions, I was more than happy with exactly the beads I had selected and could see immediately how I wanted to them to go together. 

3) Putting all the pieces together has created a bit of a snapshot of my style and particularly my love of colour! And brilliantly, although there was a lot of turquoise (only to be expected where I'm concerned) I did branch out into some other colour schemes.

So I think I'll try working this way again - very productive and instructive.

Here's a collage of the art beads I used in some of these pieces. 

In no particular order, they are

turquoise egg and nest charm: Humblebeads
red heart ceramic charm: SummersStudioEtc
green polymer bird bead: Floridity
polymer roses: Elise Canning
purple willow teardrop charm: Humblebeads
lily pad patinated charm: MissFickleMedia
polymer egg charm: Humblebeads
red polka dot lampwork beads: BeadsByLaura
pink and purple lily bead: Humblebeads
Teardrop leaf clasp - DaisyChainDesigns
pale peach lamowork - Moogin

I also used hand dyed ribbon by Sowzere Designs but forgot to snap a close up. Photos not the best....the light was doing me no favours and I knew I had to get this post done quickly....looking forward to seeing what others have done!I've created:

4 pairs of earrings
1 necklace
1 pendant 
6 bracelets

Hurrah! A very productive few days. Thanks Heather!


Mary Harding said...

Wonderful creations. Love your red cup cake cups. And the wonderful collage of the art beads you used. Lovely jewelry!!

Cillaw said...

Your cupcake holders are so bright and look great.
Beautiful jewellery! ;)


CraftyHope said...

Oh wow! They did all turn out very lovely.
I'm finding that quite a few of us all really liked this process and are planning on using it again.
First, I need to get more pictures taken, descriptions written, and items in the shop. . .then I'll be loading up the muffin tin again!

And, the use of the muffin cups was a fabulous idea. . .I don;t know why I didn't think of that instead of going out to buy a tin. Smarty pants!

My Life Under the Bus said...

It does all look like you! Beautiful as always Rebecca - love that turquoise on the left there - I have the turquoise virus as well!
It was nice limiting myself to only what was infront of me!

steufel said...

Pretty, pretty,. pretty:-)

lynsey said...

lovely creations Rebecca, I liked the idea of the muffin tin challenge but knew there was no way i would complete the challenge in time, however i have filled a muffin tin with some projects which i'll work through soon.

Holly said...

Oh wow, I love what you've created! Those flower earrings are just way cute :) And yes, I completely agree, this is a fantastic way of creating stuff! It's organized, easy and quicker than my usual disheveled routine ;) Good job!

TesoriTrovati said...

Huzzah! That is a lot of progress! I didn't finish all my tins but this is something that I will continue with because I had the same lessons learned that you did!
Love the use of art beads!
Enjoy the day!

Kate said...

I love all the art beads you used! Those roses are gorgeous!!

Linda said...

Thanks for the close up of all the wonderful art beads! I liked the bracelet that is furthest on the right, best. Nice work on everything!

Bobbie said...

I particularly like the turquoises and blues you used, but everything is lovely. Brava!

Pretty Things said...

oh oh! I see a Floridity bird! My favorites!

Elysian Studios said...

I love how you turned it into a cupcake challenge- the photo of your beads in those holders is so cheery! You included a lovely variety of art beads and your pieces are beautiful! Great job!


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