Thursday 27 October 2011

Another sleepy bobbin

Inspired by last night's ABS challenge bracelet, I decided to have another go with one of Rebekah Payne's sleepy creatures! This time, a gorgeous wee blue owl, which was what first caught my attention on-line. I decided to repeat my design of yesterday, just using different beads - some lovely faceted large doughnuts I picked up in Glasgow, last time I was up. Not totally sure what the stone is, not lapis I'm sure, but I don't think it was expensive enough to be kyanite. Perhaps I got a bargain! Anyway, they're lovely, whatever they are. Add in some freshwater pearls (of course) and you have a new bracelet.

And as for 'sleepy bobbin'? I'm watching Willow this evening, and he calls his kiddies 'bobbins'. Love it! So I've decided these sweet beads should also be bobbins, as they are so terribly sweet :-)


Heidi Post said...

I looked at her site earlier after you linked it, and omg! The little sleepy creatures are so precious :) I love this bracelet too.

Whenever I have an unidentified opaque (but with the slightest hint of translucence) polished stone in a bright shade, I assume it's "dyed jade," which of course isn't even really jade. Ha.

Anonymous said...

I love the bracelet in the last post and this one! The little creatures are so adorable!!

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Ohhh, this one is just as sweet as the last! Love it! Whatever those faceted ones are, they are gorgeous!


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