Wednesday 5 October 2011


This was my kitchen table yesterday. I do not have a permanent beading spot. I would very much like one. So I don't have to keep dragging several kilos of beads about the house behind me, wherever I go.
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CraftyHope said...

Special beading space or not, it sure is cheery there with all the flowers. Looks like a very creative space!

Jenni said...

Sweet table and work area! Love the hic! ( couple!) bottles of wine there Rebecca! LOL Pretty wallpaper and flowers, too.

Heidi Post said...

I *LOVE* your wallpaper!!! And the flowers - it's definitely a lovely space, even if it's not your permanent work area.

Jo said...

But it is a lovely space, bright and cheerful! Beautiful flowers too. I think I might treat myself to a bunch at the market today.


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