Monday, 8 April 2013

Curious Bead Shop April Update

Hi all. It seems like an awfully long time since I updated the blog - I'm sorry, I have plans for being much better this week! Let's see if they come to fruition.....The last few weeks have been a busy few, including my best friend's wedding on Easter Saturday. It was an awesome day, as you can imagine - the bride and groom looked bonnie and were ridiculously happy throughout the day, the prosecco was flowing, the ceilidh band was fantastic.....I do love a good wedding! 

A couple of days after we got back from the wedding, my latest bead order for The Curious Bead Shop arrived. I am definitely getting faster at photographing, uploading, editing, listing etc.....but it's still a lengthy process for me. Helen discovered the 'copy listing' button this time around (can't believe I hadn't spotted it before....) and this saved us A LOT of time. Here's a collage of some of the new beads currently available. I am thrilled with the new stock - it can be a bit of a gamble buying from pictures on the internet, but I love every single bead in the shop! I made sure to keep some stock back this time for my own designs. Cannot wait to have a play! 

And yes, you may have spotted that not all of these pictures are of beads......I have started my own range of antique copper findings! Deco Rose findings. I am really excited about these, and have already been using them in my own work. I am going to be adding handmade ball-end headpins and soldered rings to my selection very soon too :-)

Anyway, I hope you like what you see! I promise I'll be back soon and not leave the blog alone for quite such a time again.....

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Unknown said...

Wow - what absolute lusciousness you have created - so many goodies in your Etsy shops - awesome


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