Thursday, 11 April 2013

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Yesterday I blogged about some particularly awesome beads that were either fairly recent acquisitions or on their way to me.....This morning, a little package of lovely handmade polymer clay arrived in the post from Claire of Something to do beads. Along with the wee red house I shared yesterday , I bought a few of Claire's new word beads. I just had to share them with you today because they are too, too fab! Just look at these:

Rustic, vibrant and direct. I like their one word, lower-case straight-to-the-point verbal style.
Regular/frequent readers will know I am almost as passionate about the written word as beads (really! I know it's hard to believe ;-)) and I love to include words in my work. These are a fantastic addition to the world of wordy art beads. Now to turn them into something fabulous.....
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Anonymous said...

Fun FUn Fun!! xox. Can't wait to see what you make with these.

Claire Lockwood said...

Oh! Thank you, Rebecca! And that's such a lovely photo you've taken!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous and perfect for summer


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